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Nike Sponsors MovinUp & Cougars

Nike is proud to announce its newest sponsorship from Henderson, Nevada, Cougars and MovinUp Lacrosse. Over the past four to five years I have really been working hard to expose our program and our boys as much as possible. I am very happy that the hard work that our boys show on the field is paying off. It took a while but Nike was really blown away by our program and what we represent. It really is a true honor to have such a big time company supporting us! Nike did reveal to me that they really only deal with bigger East Coast Programs and we are one of the few that they are sponsoring from the west coast.
Some questions I am sure going through your mind like what does this mean? what does this do ect…
Nike sponsoring us will allow the boys to have the nicest uniforms yearly. Nike will offer discounts frequently to our players for those who need things like cleats, sticks, shirts and so on. Nike will also be setting up a team store for us to allow friends and family to support wearing our Nike Cougars and MovinUp clothing.
This is a huge step for our program we are growing and growing which is so amazing. I look forward to getting it bigger and better each and every year. I would like to thank the board for all of their help so far this season. This would of never happened with out you!